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Floyd Landis talks about Positively False

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chris1975 Avatar
Posted: 10.20.10, 03:56 AM
By the way, the lab results should have convinced you, not his admittance of guilt. To all of you who would prefer a confession system instead of a lab system, I suggest you watch football or baseball. Cycling is serious about cleaning up. The fans, especially the French demand it. Everytime a cyclist gets caught, I love it. All the clean atheletes have a better chance at winning as a result.
wrightmichaelr Avatar
Posted: 09.21.10, 06:45 AM
@acad2kman, There is Floyd's admittance to guilt that he is a doper. I'm sorry that you were mislead by him of his innocence and hopefully you were not one of the innocent people who donated to his obvious fraudulent plea of innocence.
leolonghop Avatar
Posted: 05.25.10, 12:18 PM
@chris1975, he has now finally admitted his guilt and deception. So there's the evidence I guess.
acad2kman Avatar
Posted: 07.12.09, 12:34 PM
@chris1975 - You are assuming he is guilty, just because a flawed test and an unreliable lab says so. You would have a different opinion if you were the one accused. There is NO EVIDENCE that Floyd Landis is guilty of anything.
chris1975 Avatar
Posted: 05.19.08, 01:28 AM
In sports, you often see people resist believing that their atheletes are not doping and it is amazing to see how Floyd tested positive and yet people still believe he is innocent based on his "personality". As if his faith or his family life should affect the drug test.

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