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Francis Fukuyama: The End Of History Revisited

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paulio655 Avatar
Posted: 01.03.12, 01:53 PM
sorry here is the site link once again
paulio655 Avatar
Posted: 01.03.12, 01:53 PM
excellent lecture. Please visit my blog to read further thoughts on the End of History. Click this link to read my <a href="">essay</a>
gaquitaine Avatar
Posted: 05.27.10, 02:10 PM
End of History , we now know, was a crock. One senses that even Fukuyama knows this (and I credit him with recognizing his 'neoconservative gospel' as Derrida famously called End of History as a work ultimately flawed by the hubris of the 20th century geopolitical position of the neoconservative movement). What I would like to see him address more profoundly is what would seem to be the re-emergence of the Marxian position in light of the present state of free market capitalism. I wonder if he grasps the peculiar reversal that has taken place from 1990 to now...
Invictus_88 Avatar
Posted: 04.13.10, 06:32 AM
Interesting, but not convincing.
Tarjeilundovrelid Avatar
Posted: 03.27.09, 07:15 AM
Thank you for sharing this lecture. I am currently studying globalization history and I found this lecture most interesting. Best regards, Tarjei
mayburma Avatar
Posted: 10.02.08, 07:00 PM
Thanks for this lecture. I have been looking for answers for my country's difficult path towards democracy. The answer is that our culture is totally different from the West. This lecture confirms my thoughts. regards, mayburma.
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