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Christopher Hitchens at Politics and Prose

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Previous FORAtv comments:
Lary9 Avatar
Posted: 06.07.10, 05:19 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by thenightbefore Wow... anyone else think that the crowd was being dumb toward the Christian guy. It's embarrassing. Yes. But it was his fault by being so obtuse
Dmitry76 Avatar
Posted: 06.05.10, 11:21 PM
Today we praise Athenian democracy and philosophy but tend not to mention Athenian pederasty and slavery. Mr. Hitchens denies the right of modern christians to overlook the unpleasant passages about genocide, slavery etc. catching them at the statement that the bible is a exact word of God and must be followed literally.
singsdawn Avatar
Posted: 05.10.10, 06:23 PM
Excellent author & speaker- entirely long overdue.
Lungfishetc Avatar
Posted: 12.26.09, 06:45 AM
i could do without the mic clicks!
socratus Avatar
Posted: 12.22.09, 04:18 PM
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DeusMerdaeEst Avatar
Posted: 11.09.09, 06:53 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by jdshelby Hitchens' knowledge of Christianity, of which he is oh-so-critical is almost laughably deficient. As if he could characterize all Christianity on the basis of a statement made by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Shameful. You conveniently forgot the references he made to the bible - are they also 'laughably deficient'? If there's anything that's laughable, it's religion. All of them.
Noodles Avatar
Posted: 10.09.09, 12:26 PM
The crowd was hard to watch. Not many intelligent questions out of them. But I'm liking Hitchens more and more each time I hear him speak. I didn't know who he was until came along, being a recovering baptist.
iiswhatiare Avatar
Posted: 07.08.09, 12:40 PM
Rainerjosef Not sure what you're on about? Like many of the posters on Fora threads, you don't seem to have a clue either. You're in over your head. The fact that humour is next to godly & that irony is a thinking man's best friend are not even within your purview. Your stupid, pointless, and, dare I say, illiterate remarks only show how ill-equipped so many are to grapple with their shallow lives & rise above them. Laughter & crying are interchangeable & indistinguishable, but subtlety isn't your strong suit, is it?
Rainerjosef Avatar
Posted: 05.17.09, 08:55 AM
Part of the audience is appalling, and I don't mean the Q&A session, thant one too. No, I mean the part when Hitch talks about the terrors of North Corea and those estupidos just keep laughing, even after he says "You laugh, and I try to make you cry". It must have been hard for a man like him to endure such stupidity. I know this type of audiences from stand-up comedians' programs, when they stop being funny for a moment wishing to shake the dumbos and they just can't stop laughing and laughing. Well, thats what they paid for, so that's what they do. They laugh. Same here with Hitch.
kenny Avatar
Posted: 05.14.09, 02:58 PM
Jefferson and other signatories understood the value of religion, not by its truth but by its usefulness. His private writings reveal his lack of belief. Niether does Hitchens claim secularists are immune to violence and sin, but a quick browse thru the bible is enough to know we haven't reached the heinous level of its monstrous author. Thankfully, like Goldielocks and the Three Bears its a fairytale.