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Al Sharpton and Christopher Hitchens

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Previous FORAtv comments:
kanajlo Avatar
Posted: 02.19.08, 07:01 AM
Interesting point. I would not rely on a theologian for an opinion
tmwillemse Avatar
Posted: 06.02.07, 11:56 AM
If you were god, what language would you speak?
It is hoped, or feared, that someday computers will become so sophisticated that they will attain sentience. Some theoretical physicists are inclined to theorize that there exists an entity *in* the universe that may very well be aware of its own existence. This implies something separate from, above, or outside the “creation.” Theoretical physics is communicated as mathematical formulae. Imagine a mathematical formula so sophisticated that, like the future computer, it is aware of itself. Mankind has not begun to approach the level of sophistication to understand mathematics at this level. But that does not mean that this will not happen eventually. I would rather have the opinion regarding this possibility from Stephen Hawking than the Pope, Mr. Hitchens, or most certainly the “Rev.” Al.
Posted: 05.27.07, 09:17 PM
Rather unfortunate that the "Rev" Al Sharpton was chosen as the candidate to defend God. Surely he should be way too busy defending himself on numerous issues.
XaurreauX Avatar
Posted: 05.23.07, 08:54 AM
I was in the audience at this debate and while Hitchens was interesting there weren't enough "sparks" between them to make it the brawl one would expect. Sharpton mounted a fairly garden variety defense of "God" and was too generally in agreement with Hitchens' criticisms of religion. Hitchens' refusal to refer to Sharpton as "Reverend" notwithstanding, most "clashes" there were between them were more in the line of friendly jabs. Of course, there WAS Sharpton's Mormon comment.

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