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Al Sharpton and Christopher Hitchens

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Previous FORAtv comments:
domlanic Avatar
Posted: 06.20.12, 01:54 AM
domlanic Avatar
Posted: 06.20.12, 01:42 AM
"Taunt towards Hitchens" What a fatuous, sexist, morally corrupt, feeble minded feminist ad hominem, dealt with in great humour by a vastly superior intellect.
jokermtb Avatar
Posted: 01.29.12, 05:16 PM
Surprising performance by Sharpton - he didn't get bogged down by dogma. I believe Hitchens thought Sharpton would be a bit more conventionally dogmatic. I winced a bit when Hitchens mentioned a "bullet to the throat"..........coincidentally that was where he got his cancer.
semiconductor7 Avatar
Posted: 01.28.12, 02:42 AM
The title "God is not great" automatically implies and accepts the general understanding of God´s existence as it classifies God - does it?
LUrkingAwesome Avatar
Posted: 01.23.12, 09:20 PM
Sami, you're misinformed( or, somewhat more likely, you've 'misassumed'). There is no assertion that in order to be an atheist that you have to believe that there is no god. The definition of 'Atheism' is 'A lack of belief in the existence of God or gods' One can think there might be a god and be an atheist and one can think there might not be a god and be a deist. Though both fall into the realm of 'agnostic' there is actually a line between atheistic agnosticism and deistic agnosticism... though that's not to say that you have to be on one side or the other of the line. Some people really don't care if there's a god or not, and most people of both sides would call them atheist. There is not a positive belief in god for them, even though the source of this 'lack of belief' might simply be that they haven't really thought about it, or that they think that 'either way things will turn out basically the same.'
alanmoore Avatar
Posted: 05.31.11, 02:03 AM
I agree with your statement completely, that he was correct in the distinction between god and religion.. I don't think so that they will start attacking each other personally.. _________________________________ My Signature:- Watch TV Shows Online
Student4Life1975 Avatar
Posted: 05.27.11, 08:12 AM
the debate itself was intended to be about christophers book, which al sharpton was unsuccessful in attempting to direct to that initial topic. he was correct in the distinction between god and religion, which i also believe to be completely separate topics if a constructive argument is to be made. if i understand your comment correctly, you were anticipating (and maybe hoping for) more confrontation between the debaters themeselves, rather than focusing on the debate itself. i for one am glad they were able to maintain their composure, as it likely helped them think more constructively during the entire process. if they started attacking eachother personally, emotional responses would have likely prevailed, and resulted in a far less intelligent debate in the end. if i want a so called debate to erupt in verbal abuse and personal attacks, i'll watch jerry springer thank you very much.
liyhann Avatar
Posted: 04.09.11, 08:30 PM
It sounds to me like either Sharpton was not listening the many, many times Hitchens answered his question or it was the only one he brought with him. Perhaps after being coached prior to the debate by someone he considers wise, he just had no where to go and kept asking his same question as if it were Hitchens who was unclear. Indeed Sharpton must not even have read the book's title, "God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything I agree with basementjaxx, yes Hitchens did have a lot of restraint, but I'm wondering why: out of what pity? humility? sadness?
NoGod4me Avatar
Posted: 03.30.11, 10:25 PM
Richard Dawkins is the author of the book you cite.
NoGod4me Avatar
Posted: 03.30.11, 10:21 PM
Richard Dawkins wrote "The God Delusion"