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Keynote Lecture with Charles Taylor

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Samuel Avatar
Posted: 04.21.10, 04:01 PM
You say Taylor's interlocutors threw overboard Taylor's effort to recover a "true core" from religion; and, you claim that "Research or discoveries about spiritual realities" are "embarrassing." I'd be interested in: 1) an example or two of how the questioners threw Taylor's efforts overboard; and, 2) though I think it's the Templeton Foundation language and not Taylor's, who, precisely, in addition to yourself, finds such research "embarrassing" - and for what reasons.
logoss76 Avatar
Posted: 04.21.10, 02:03 PM
Whatever "true core" Taylor has tried to recover from religion was skillfully thrown overboard by the 4 brilliant questioners. Taylor " was awarded the 2007 Templeton Prize for progress towards research or discoveries about spiritual realities, which includes a cash award of US$1.5 million. "- Wikipedia "Research or discoveries about spiritual realities" - how embarrassing...

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