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Attachment in Psychotherapy

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moose1 Avatar
Posted: 09.19.10, 07:41 PM
I agree with GnosisMan. Wallins seems totally unprepared, like he just rolled out of bed. He also comes off as very self-satisfied and smug.
GnosisMan Avatar
Posted: 01.14.10, 06:34 PM
I'm 11 minutes into his talk and it seems he would be better off if he had prepared for it. He is talking about a complex subject and he ought to organize his thoughts with that in mind... his story about kaplan seems irrelevant to me...
bubbles19 Avatar
Posted: 12.01.09, 12:05 AM
thank you for your insights, as an aspiring therapist (completing my internship) I am looking for any and all thoughts, opinions, insights about therapy
angela7 Avatar
Posted: 07.20.09, 06:43 AM
He seemed to go a very long way around to say what Freud said a hundred years ago which is that we need to expand our consciousness by getting in touch with the feelings in our unconscious I say feelings as it is before language acquisition, another way of saying it, is the relationship between the ‘true’ self and the ‘socially constructed’ self. A very effective way to do this is through transference and focus on the types of attachment you have with the therapist. Freud wrote about how our unconscious comes through our body language etc, all the therapist has to do is reflect this to the client so the client can analyse themselves and learn to think about the way they think. the therapist must come from a person centred perspective with very good understanding of all the aspect of psychotherapy. the most important thing is the therapist must have gone through their own process and have a deep understanding or awareness of themselves and not just learn all the theories. i am not sure the way he tried to explain psychotherapy was very effective, he just said the same thing as all other practioners say only a bit more complicated not any deeper or simpler.

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