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Get To Know Joe Biden

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Commonwealth Club of California

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kanajlo Avatar
Posted: 09.02.08, 02:05 AM
"We are a spiritual nation." Sounds theocratic.
jzipperer Avatar
Posted: 08.25.08, 03:35 PM
Yes, "Rocketdog," the Biden event was pretty well received. The Commonwealth Club, of course, is nonpartisan, and it provides a forum for speakers across the political spectrum. "Unbounded thinker," if you're intrigued by the libertarian alternatives, you might want to check out The Commonwealth Club event with former-Republican-turned-Libertarian Bob Barr: . The Commonwealth Club also recently hosted David Boaz, exe. vp of the libertarian Cato Institute: . Both were very interesting, whether you agree with them or not.
unbounded_thinker Avatar
Posted: 04.24.08, 05:42 PM
Joe Biden is basically a nazi. He was the chief sponsor of the "RAVE Act" which basically banned parties that play music. (Under that bill's language if you threw a party and anyone there brought illegal drugs, you could be charged with a felony as a drug dealer, even if you never had anything to do with the drugs.) Biden is a drug warrior prohibitionist slimebucket, writ large. He also wants to ban all private gun ownership, and typically regimes that desire that goal also desire the complete subjugation of their (then powerless) constituency. If Biden really cared for the underclass, maybe he'd favor not openly tyrannizing them, murdering, and jailing them in the name of (failed and pointless) prohibition(s). If Biden was running things, it would actually be worse than nazism: remember, Stalin killed vastly more people during peacetime than even Hitler did. Biden is every bit the theocrat any Republican is, he just worships the State instead of a church. Luckily for him, it's your dollar filling the collection plate. "Public service" my ass! More like public plague. What a hypocrite! If you want to see a candidate who is really "pro-choice" visit: or visit:
rocketdog Avatar
Posted: 08.21.07, 11:57 AM
I've seen several of these "Get to Know..." programs from the Commonwealth Club, and Biden's is probably the best so far. Of course, I think it's a format that plays to Biden's strengths in particular, as he really pulls off the "candid conversation" thing well.