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The Feminine Mistake

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CO4E Avatar
Posted: 03.27.08, 10:04 PM Find me 1,000 women who find this kind of thing fascinating. Guys are different than girls.
CO4E Avatar
Posted: 03.27.08, 09:52 PM
Men are the root of all of women's problems. Yeah sure whatever.
The Chap In The Boot Avatar
The Chap In The Boot
Posted: 06.03.07, 02:35 PM
In a nutshell what Leslie Bennets says is that in our present economic system the only remunerative way of like for both women and men is to be a slave of production. Being a good productive slave of your employer is the only rational, statistically proven, solution. It's even the only emotionally "profitable" choice. What she doesn't talk about is if this economic systems and these kind of rationally obliged choices it brings about, are right and just. Is this freedom ? An economic systems where the "family choice" is emotionally and economically obliged is a good system ? Just a question. Pardon for my English, not my first language.

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