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Why Can't We Be Good?

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adrianc Avatar
Posted: 05.13.09, 03:12 PM
Then say how you think and surely you will find many who can resonate with you. But try to treat others, even if you don't agree with them (or maybe don't understand them entirely), with the same respect you would like to be treated. The gentleman has a lot of good points and not everybody is anti-humanist, as you appear to want to show yourself. :P) Now as friendly as possible: please respect yourself and the others and be good with the grammar. You appear very immature and capricious and girlish (as Arnold would say) so the chances of finding someone serious to talk to you are much diminished. << Si renunta la pseudonimul asta tziganesc ca mai e lume care pricepe si te eticheteaza defavorabil. >> Looking forward to hear from you. Just in case you are interested, we could talk by email. Chers! Adrian
lamishto Avatar
Posted: 02.28.09, 12:08 PM
i'm sick and tired of this kind of humanistic aproach towards phylosophy. healthy body in healthy mind. do you know old man that humans have to believe in something so as to live? you're a null contribution to my era. 2000 years from greecs and these sick heads continue to wonder instead of giving a system which works. par example, with the technology that we have today we can seem as gods to other people in hystory. we can enslave them and make them believe in anything that we want.even platon, kant , aristotel, nietzche (a fact not a desire) and there you have a classical phylosopher with no answers towards the problems that we have today. idiots. ps. i wouldn't have been so agressive but it seems that all phylosophers these days think the same and i do really feel the need for someone to think the same as i do. i already can give you a good and easy to accept phylosophy of life which can change in time exactly how laws do. the main value is life itself.
thaipham Avatar
Posted: 01.01.09, 11:07 PM
The standard of what is right is always defined by the powerful.
farber2 Avatar
Posted: 11.11.08, 10:46 PM
ah, there's your problem. you don't think that there is a standard for what is right and what is wrong. so right and wrong is an enterpreted thing. lets see, the 10 commandments, the law, common sense. Empathy comes to mind, sympathy, compassion, are words that come to mind. Can we agree on murder, theft, cheating? Which thing are you up in the air about?
viralinfluence Avatar
Posted: 09.18.08, 10:37 PM
my 2 cents
i believe that everyone determines what's right and wrong on based on there up bringing (nurture) and there is no universal truth for whats right because there is no universal truth that we know of ( even if there is one or not) for wrong and we cant appreciate one or the other without knowing the universal truth about each point. that just what i think tear it apart it you please, have a good one
CharissaShull Avatar
CharissaShull +
Posted: 06.03.08, 05:20 PM
What about when people's ideas of what is right are contradictory? Who defines this standard of what is right?