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Walter Isaacson on Einstein

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socratus Avatar
Posted: 04.19.12, 07:40 AM
Going back to the Einstein’s question. # In his Miracle 1905 Einstein wrote the Fourth paper: “ On the Electrodynamics of moving Bodies.” ( SRT). And as a postscript to his forth, the Fifth paper: “ Does the inertia of a body depend upon its energy content?” As he realized the answer was: “ Yes, the inertia ( ! ) depends on its energy E= Mc^2.” ( ! ) Not Galileo and not Newton explained the cause of inertia. It was Einstein who explained the reason of inertia: He said that the inertia depends on its energy E= Mc^2. It means what SRT must be connected with E= Mc^2 . It means what must be connection between Lorentz’s transformation and E= Mc^2. #. The same Einstein’s question in a little detail interpretation: “Does the inertia of a body ( for example: of a light quanta or of an electron) depend upon its energy content E=Mc^2 ?” Thinking logically, the answer must be : Yes, it depends.” When new question arise: ” How is possible to understand the connection between E=Mc^2 and E=ht or E= kb or E= h*w. ?” On my opinion " The Law of Conservation and Transformation of Energy/ Mass" (according to one single light quanta /electron ) gives answer to this question.. The problem is that now nobody wants to ask yourself that „The Law of Conservation and Transformation of Energy/ Mass" means according to one single light quanta / photon /electron. ============== . . Best wishes. Israel Sadovnik. Socratus. ===..
Newspeaker Avatar
Newspeaker + Staff
Posted: 05.22.08, 05:30 PM
definitely one of the best biography's ever written. Great program to lay the basis, reading the book is the next step. A must!
pjbalson Avatar
pjbalson +
Posted: 04.21.08, 01:36 PM
I highly recommend this program. A great introduction to Isaacson's book on Einstein.