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History of the Black-White Race Issue

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 01.28.12, 06:52 PM
YES THANK YOU I am in tears I remember JAMES WALKING UP THE STAIRS OF OLE MISS: MAN am I getting old.... I don`t see enough of James ... MISS HOWARD ZINN, these two would have been a dream of a debate.... I`m speechless thanks.
Posted: 04.14.09, 09:12 PM
This Is The Best History Lesson On World History, American History, Black History,i Have Had In My Life Time That Has Made Me Realize Who, What, When, How, Where, And Why We Are In The Situation We Are In Now In This Country. There Are People In This Country Who Are Awakening And People Who Want To Keep Them Unconcious. I Could Always Feel What Is Wrong In This Country But I Could Not Ever Explain What Or Why But Now I Know What I Have Always Felt. Thank You Robert H. Jackson Center For Your Honest Work. Thank You James Meredith For Your Life Works And Sharing It. I Thank God That I Found This History Lesson. I Understand Now.

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