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Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace

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rockriver Avatar
Posted: 02.12.09, 11:29 AM
How d0 the people on this program, who are so sensitive to violence and the feelings of the enemy (communists in north and south) in Vietnam, manage to ignore of the fact that the enemy had brutalized and murdered hundreds of thousands of their fellow Vietnamese? Solipsism? The communists in Vietnam even murdered over one hundred thousand of their fellow Vietnamese prior to the U.S. war effort there. Ho Chi Minh and his crew even killed thousands of fellow communists who didn't tow their particular party line. How do the people on this program manage to be oblivious to the attempt by the U.S. and her allies to support a flawed but budding democracy in Vietnam? Where is the sensitivity to the Vietnamese (communist) on Vietnamese (non-communist) violence? Solipsism indeed.

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