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Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

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Channy K-b Avatar
Channy K-b
Posted: 07.27.10, 11:11 PM
I completely agree Laura. I just read the book also I found it and picked it up, it seemed like an interesting read. I couldn't put it down, I'm not a big reader for fun, but I love to learn about the world and issues to motivate me to get up and do what I can to help. I know we can't save the world, but I do believe if people work together we can do our damn best to try! Peace exists its all around, we just need to share it as much as we can with the people who haven't witnessed it. Ishmael is a fascinating human being, his story is, sometimes hard to be read, but in a strange way its fascinating and inspiring!!! The issues in Sierra Leone are uminaginable to comprehen for many of us, but this 1st hand account, allows us a taste to the insight. I recomend it to everybody! Just as the front cover states, "Everyone in the world should read this book..." Learn from it, and hopefully gain some inspiration and motivation to do something THAT MUST BE DONE. We have the ability, its what we choose to do with our blessings that make us who we are! You decide
Laura Avatar
Posted: 09.28.07, 04:51 PM
Thoughts of Ishmael
I just read "Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" for an International Problems class in college. When I think of Ishmael my heart aches inside me. The madness of wars like the one that errupted in Sierra Leone feed on themselves, engendering nothing but horror and sadness. I urge everyone interested in solving the problem of conflicts to visit the United States Institute of Peace online training site to learn about conflict analysis and peacekeeping. It isn't enough, but it is a start.

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