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What If the Singularity Does NOT Happen?

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The Long Now Foundation

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Periergeia Avatar
Posted: 06.13.10, 03:05 PM
The notion of the singularity is metaphysical BS and the stammering of this speaker to make any sense of discussing it rationally makes that more than clear... there is not enough there to even write a decent criticism of it.
Khannea Suntzu Avatar
Khannea Suntzu
Posted: 04.08.10, 02:35 PM
Great, wasn't this the 'long now' the premise of 'a mote in God's eye' ?
scotman Avatar
Posted: 03.08.10, 01:05 PM
Vernor Vinge thank you for describing what I have believed for the last few years that we are actually in the midst of our second Renaissance. The science fiction book I can't seem to recall. But the setting was after a nuclear war and the native American Indians gathered vast amounts of wealth and created domed cities..they based their economy on citizens being paid for just sharing their ideas, paid for being creative. I think society will move towards were we each get paid for our ideas whether it be a drawing, a 3d model, a snippet of code, ideas that make small additions to programs. I think this shift will end this technological Renaissance.
VPBlaas Avatar
Posted: 11.19.09, 06:54 AM
Really inspiring talk, i'm missing something though. Humans as a race are still evolving further on. And when population will increase with billions (according to this talk), this will give you real interesting prospects. Right now there is just one human race, but eventually this is going to change, inevitably. (Long, long ago we where just bacteria ). Could be nice to discuss too with regard to the singularity.
ilaksh Avatar
Posted: 05.11.09, 06:02 AM
SOMETHING is going to happen, and there really might be a war. If there is, I'm rooting for the machines.
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