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America and the Middle East

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.16.11, 07:50 PM
I like MICHEAL BRAVE MAN REAL MENSCHE! My Historical perspective is of a different shade. THE BARBARY COAST WARS with Thomas Jefferson, was first false flag war, Taunting the SULTAN,USA navy Ships PLAYING games to anger the SULTAN not pirates. Since then Americans dragged into 1st world war by attack on LUSITANA, AND AUSSIES warned the the White House JAPANESE ON THE WAY GET READY! America chose to allow the attack so to get public involved, YEARS later Viet NAM bay of TON KIN, FALSE FLAG OPERATION WHERE 56,000, USA troops killed and a million others, for nothing. SHAME! SO ATTACK YOUR OWN TO CREATE A WAR, HITLER burned down his own parliament blamed it on COMMUNISTS. NATIONAL SPORT BASEBALL sacrifice to get another home, Kill your own in USA is OK. AS LONG AS YOU MAKE MONEY FIRST 4 out of first 5 presidents were MASONS and MASONS are attached to KING SOLOMON, TEMPLE MOUNT which is why they wanted Jews back in Jerusalem. SO USA STARTED IN TRIPOLI and is still there NOW.
AKSaleem Avatar
Posted: 12.02.08, 06:36 AM
Great talk! by the way how one can download the transcript as pdf doc:

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