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Made to Stick

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farber2 Avatar
Posted: 07.03.08, 12:26 PM
yeah, I like this.
rocketdog Avatar
Posted: 07.02.08, 02:30 PM
Ok, HTML...not quite sure what's going on there. Guess I should have hit the "Go Advanced" button.
rocketdog Avatar
Posted: 07.02.08, 02:29 PM
Just thought I'd update that remark from about a year ago - <i>Made to Stick</i> is, in fact, a much better book than <i>Tipping Point</i> if you're looking for a practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-use guide to getting your point across. <i>Tipping Point</i>, while well written, can pretty much be boiled down to a few fuzzy theories and several interesting anecdotes about how ideas spread. It's really more of a story than a work of solid research. So yeah: both books are good reads, but if you're looking for a real meat-and-potatoes how-to book on improving your message, this is the one you want. IMHO, anyway.
rocketdog Avatar
Posted: 09.21.07, 10:47 AM
A great book about communicating ideas. I could see this having huge benefit especially for business-types or educators, but could probably be of some use to just about everybody. Entertaining, easy-to-read, and extremely well-researched. I'm reading this back-to-back with Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point , and it's an interesting contrast between how ideas work at both micro and macro levels.