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Tony Blair on Defending the UK and Its Interests

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pyrussmonkey Avatar
Posted: 05.23.08, 08:30 AM
Anybody holding the views that Tony Blair puts forward in his speech here, when he was prime minister, was called racist and bigoted. He is a hypocrite and does not deserve any respect. His diehard cronies are still running England as little dictatorship. However now that Blair has gone the term 'racist' is hurled around much less. Hopefully this will enable more open, honest debate, and a chance to face the threat of islamic extremism.
Morris Avatar
Posted: 05.22.08, 04:16 PM
Mr Blair tells us that terrorists are guided by misreading of Quran. That is only partly true. Quran does imply openly and covertly all sort of violence against people of other faiths. This, perhaps, is the reason why there are many sympathisers for a few terrorists. And those sympathisers then become potential recruits. There is a need to use soft power by ensuring that main stream mullahs are not preaching violence that is a part of Quaran. No one in Islam of any stature is coming forward and saying that the part of Quaran that talks about violence does not apply any more. All they say is that it is being taken out of context or misinterpreted. Rally?

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