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Previous FORAtv comments:
Everett Avatar
Posted: 02.10.11, 09:44 PM
Flash just released their latest plugin update. But on my computer I could view the video before and after that fact. Are you in China? :-)
Chuanlan Wang Avatar
Chuanlan Wang
Posted: 02.10.11, 01:00 AM
why cannot I view this vedio online, does it ask to charge? I think, it was free for watching previously.
Everett Avatar
Posted: 02.05.11, 03:46 PM
It's too bad the highly articulate, concept-driven Jane McGonigal was not a part of the panel. But I'm sure interested in the fact that they seem to have focused in on the number of 150 individuals. I once heard on NPR that any company with more employees than that, stops feeling like family. And then there are the Mennonites/Quakers?, that say the same thing about a given community's size. "Think global, act local."
eyesno Avatar
Posted: 02.04.11, 04:51 PM
MySpace?!... how old is this? It's already expired.
Phartman Avatar
Posted: 10.31.07, 12:05 AM
Uh, okay . . .
Far too much pseudo-intellectualism is devoted to breathing modern air into an ancient concept: the need to interact with others. The popularity of Facebook should catch no one off guard. Reflexive schlemexive!
savageb Avatar
Posted: 01.02.07, 05:59 PM
Interesting concept for a panel. The concept alone for your online persona(s) is reflexive and one that all on the internet should stop and think about for a minute. Part expression, part convenience, part representation, and misrepresentation