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Robert Satloff

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Tim Upham Avatar
Tim Upham
Posted: 04.21.12, 12:53 PM
This a part of history, that needs to be closely watched and reevaluated. So much has been placed on current standards, that all Arabs always have, and always will hate Jews. But now it is being discovered that Arabs played a role in hiding Jews from being detected by the Vichy French and the Nazis. I knew a man from Lebanon, who lived there when it was controlled by the Vichy French, and he said that they make life there for them unbearable. If it can be examined that the Arabs played a valuable role during this dark period of Jewish history, then hopefully that role can be noticed when dealing with present day standards.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 06.05.11, 06:50 PM
THE ONE QUESTION WAS NOT ASKED, 27 ARAB countries yes each different, the ONE COMMON DENOMINATOR IS THE KORAN, THAT SAYS JEWS ARE PIGS AND MONKEYS. THERE you can see Where Jews cannot Go and where Jews cannot live. Watch you Tube-What Palestinians do not want Jews to know!
sactownjudge Avatar
Posted: 11.12.06, 05:09 AM
This is tremendous. Projects like this make me hope that it may just be possible that real bridges can be built.