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Bruce Sterling

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savageb Avatar
Posted: 10.26.06, 10:26 AM
Mind-Bending Speech...
Sterling's analysis of humans being the personification of time is fascinating. We are time in flux, and everything is bound to change. People who can't deal with the natural cycle of change probably have more difficult times. Everything has a lifetime and when people are trapped in the mode of keeping things the same they are setting themself up for failure and disappointment. Mind-opening speech.
Iron-man Avatar
Posted: 10.26.06, 10:19 AM
With Sterling's description of the unknown and uncertainty in futurism in design I don't know why any company would invest in a futurist. If futurists are usually the death of a company and designers are the future, why not just skip the futurist and go straight for the designer.
Posted: 10.20.06, 03:12 PM
"the most advanced yet acceptable" --acceptable to whom? the market the power broker idealogues, your conscience, your fear/greed matrix? Sterling strips down our global market based brains( our greedy grey matter) sucking up and storing concepts like "branding" and "virulent memes" which are really old ideas originating in wartime( out of Walter Lippman's description of "manufacture of consent") your/our consent to greedily consume time/material non-renewable resources on earth.
terrysouth Avatar
Posted: 10.13.06, 11:53 AM
This is brilliant...particularly the part about futurism equals "not the whole future, but the client's future that you're going to help create" and their hopes and anxieties are the grain of that future

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