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Thom Hartmann

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NothingsSomething Avatar
Posted: 10.30.09, 11:46 AM
I agree! but i also think were in a deeper hole than we were b4 with the present office in the white house and there is no easy fix. try googleing the trilataral commition or the builderburg group, this post will probbally be deleted lol but if he didn't drop the name bombs then i
Blakevan Avatar
Posted: 08.16.09, 03:45 PM
Well Done! History when correctly resurrected and applied in current context can properly guide and show us the correct steps to our future. Hartmann points us in the right direction, not to escape our history, but by showing us the path that history has lead us to this point in time. the present. The mistakes we make now, as in the past pertaining to our current and future issues of healthcare, middle class, and the control by corporate power over us. repeats and echo warning from the past, we should learn from history but, seldom do, our apathy to pay attention to the past has doomed us to our future. The past solutions offered and applied that worked, can again work as they did in the past, if but for only a short while in time, until the corporatist eroded the law. again and again this tactic used by corporatist is refined to greater effect. That in the future we must mandate contentious and vigilant oversight to guard against the continual attacks by corporations to erode the controls we use to control them. as Hartmann eludes we can't make changes by force anymore, but only by gaining and taking back control of our law-makers from the corporatist are we able to restore rule over the Parasitic corporations that currently control and enslave us in "their" class war.
andrea Avatar
Posted: 04.02.07, 08:47 PM
Sounds a lot like Rick Mercer.
savageb Avatar
Posted: 09.25.06, 03:11 PM
Hartmann offers an extensive overview of the progression of the middle class through the history of the U.S. and before. He provides a lot of well researched historical political context of the conditions that cause a middle class society. He debunks myths that often confuse and skew the debates of class, wages, and healthcare. He explains that a free market does not create a middle class. He explains the conditions that have in the past put the country in a thriving middle class, and offers advice for the country to get there again.