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Genetically Modified Foods

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nandovi Avatar
Posted: 03.22.10, 01:04 PM
Not only she is a really boring speaker, she also fails to mention all the negative aspects of GMOs and corporations like Monsanto that use them to control most of the food supply in America and bully farmers for their profit. The problem is that companies that create GMOs like Monsanto care only for profit, not saving or feeding the world as she implies. Also, her arguments are a bit stupid sometimes, she claims that we've been genetically engineering food for thousands of years by cross breeding, but that and playing with DNA are two very different things. Finally the analogy to the vaccinations is just preposterous.
surik Avatar
Posted: 03.16.09, 03:02 PM
its interesting how she easily trusts anything a biotech corp CEO feeds her. guess shilling is not a crime

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