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John Dean: Conservatives Without Conscience

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savageb Avatar
Posted: 08.15.06, 02:51 PM
Dean's account of the inspiration for the book, the inception, and possible consequences are very interesting. He traces the transformation of the conservative philosophy from his work experience with the Nixon administration to the present day. Humorously, but still true, he describes his values having not changed yet, his political label has moved from conservative to left of center unbeknown to him. He describes the cut-throat and effective strategies of the conservative party. And his detail of his research on the "authoritarian personality" is intriguing. His threat of a fascist America should not be taken lightly. We have already given up a number of freedoms including privacy issues and certain due process rights. If we continue to allow our rights to be taken away we may wake up one day living in a fascist regime.
amzwilliams Avatar
Posted: 08.15.06, 12:19 PM
The most striking observations Dean makes on the current polarity of the republican and democratic parties, is the difference in personal relationships that people in the House and Senate currently have versus what they used to share. He reflects on a time when everyone knew each other's names and families, when all their kids used to attend the same schools, and when they'd all gather together for Sunday picnics, democrats and republicans alike. Dean credits increasing levels of personal distance responsible for what he calls "demonizing" individuals from the opposing party. When the human elements is subtracted, it makes it more convenient to jab people of opposing ideologies, rather than promote or encourage an effort to work together.
Newspeaker Avatar
Newspeaker + Staff
Posted: 08.14.06, 04:28 PM
Dean paints a discouraging picture of competitive partisan politics. One gets the feeling that many politicians have gotten too comfortable with the power they have. The goal of a one party system is scary, even if it's uncontious and overstated.

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