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Milton Friedman

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davidmesaaz Avatar
Posted: 02.09.10, 09:01 AM
Why is it that our universities are world class but our K-12 schools in badly need of improvement? On the University level we fund student but on the k-12 level we fund schools. We make an argument for our k-12 that we would never make with our universities. We tell our students that you must attend a school even if we know its low quality because if they don't attend it hurts other students because of lower funding. Its the job of a government to educate their students but not necessarily run schools.
savageb Avatar
Posted: 08.22.06, 12:43 PM
I used to be a large supporter of public education, being a product of it, and a believer in that anyway who studies hard enough, and applies themself completely, in-spite of economic barriers, can achieve a good education. However, the more I learn about the arguments for the privatization of education, the more my views are shifting. Economic competition definitely seems like the fastest and most effective way in which to ensure a reformation of the sadly suffering education system.

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