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Matthew Fox

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Vilhelmo Avatar
Posted: 10.19.09, 06:48 PM
The reason the media was so bad on Iraq had nothing to do with any "communication revolution". Instead we must look elsewhere. One thing I noticed is that the media seemed to act as an outlet for the administration, simply repeating government propaganda completely uncritically. Other places to look include media ownership and the entire advertising based model of media funding, which has lead to systematically bad outcomes for the public. Media then becomes subject to the profit motive. Their customers are advertisers and their product are audiences, how could they then be expected to provide proper coverage for the public? I recommend Chomsky's and Herman's Propaganda Model of the Media which explains these issues in great detail and much better than I ever could.
rocketdog Avatar
Posted: 07.24.06, 03:31 PM
It's interesting to hear from a religious personality actually calling for more schism within the church; I was surprised to hear Fox's answer to conflicts among Lutherans was to encourage, rather than oppose, a break-up between Lutheranism's liberal and traditionalist sects. But is jumping ship from your parent organization really the best way to advance your ideals? Wouldn't a lack of opposition just encourage both groups to become more entrenched in their particular ideologies? That doesn't seem like it would always necessarily be a good thing.
cawb Avatar
Posted: 07.24.06, 10:53 AM
A defrocked Dominican priest, Matthew Fox calls for a new reformation within the Christian church, likening himself to Martin Luther. Among other issues, he discusses the church's inadequate response to the paedophile crisis.