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Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity

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GnosisMan Avatar
Posted: 12.12.09, 05:50 PM
John Stossel is so full of it!! When he says he does not understand the hatred of the rich, then why in the hell is he talking about it? Why not find out BEFORE talking about it? He makes it sound as if capitalism is beyond reproach and to think that capialism is the cure for our educational institutions is to fail miserably on the underlying problem. And if we had truly transformative schools, the students would learn that while there is a lot of stupidites out there, Stossel's rants would be no execption. Stossel always thinks in the lowest common denomiator, oblivious of the complexites of human nature and the geniune causes of our dysfunctional institutions. And to think that Capitalismi is innocent of our social ills is downright stupid..Stossel has still a lot to learn..he has no idea of the complexity of being human.
Bill K Avatar
Bill K
Posted: 12.15.08, 03:07 PM
just watched this, yesterday watched Victor Davis Hanson, thanks so much for this opportunity, just what I was looking for. Stossel is right on the mark, particularly on education.
darrylps Avatar
Posted: 09.11.08, 05:15 PM
I love what he said of what I've been thinking (at my previous job), people hate their employer, but love the government that takes from them.
bapyou Avatar
Posted: 07.22.08, 08:41 PM
@ 7:07 "Capitalism has lifted more people out of the misery of poverty than any system ever." Tell that to child workers at the turn of 20th Century America. Tell that to the millions of Americans in the present day who teeter on the edge of poverty. Stossel is a hack and apologist for unbridled plunder. I have nothing against the amassing of wealth. I do, however, expect the wealthy to have more responsibility for the society at large than that which they display at present. People are hurting economically, and it is ignored by those at the top of the heap. "The holders of great wealth, especially if they are organized into a political lobby of similar holders of great wealth, can buy not only more goods, more capital, and more people. They can also buy (through the vehicle of campaign contributions) more important people: politicians and other public officials and therefore public policies." -excerpt from the AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE MAGAZINE
savageb Avatar
Posted: 08.10.06, 03:10 PM
Stossel puts up a convincing argument for the competitive market and for competition creating the most substantial product. Most economists would agree that free competition is what creates a healthy economic market in a capitalistic society. It does also address some of the absurdities of the public education system, such as zoning with the analogy of "what if grocery stores were run like that?" Also, public schools not being able to fire incompetent teachers without following careful guidelines set out by the union. Free competition probably would increase the quality of education, of teacher qualification, and teacher salaries. However, one factor is unaddressed. This system could only work if all people could afford private education. There are people within the system that could not come close to affording private education. And there are segments of the population who are specifically targeted in a system like this, mainly minorities and single mothers.