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The Long Emergency

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Dforce Avatar
Posted: 08.28.09, 08:21 AM
Kunstler once again offers a succinct and drily humourous analysis of the Empire during the first pahse of its decline & collapse;The majority of americans however will continue to waddle along in their business as usual way....Bye bye......
susanmiller Avatar
Posted: 06.20.09, 07:57 AM
Three years later... we see this unfolding. This talk had two whack elements (though I subscribe to Kunstler's view, 1) Chevron as sponsor and 2) the ubiquitous bottle of water probably offered by the host organization. Can't we return to the glass and the pitcher? Oh yes, and I am watching this online... won't be possible when the blackouts begin.
Al Romano Avatar
Al Romano
Posted: 06.06.06, 06:03 PM
Saw him some months ago at the world affairs council in sf and he is a very entertaining and well informed provocateur. Love the title of his blog.....
bachmann Avatar
bachmann + Staff
Posted: 05.31.06, 12:16 PM
James Kunstler offers a candid analysis of western majority mentality. While at times he may appear cynical, he offers sound and concerning solutions to the problems he addresses.

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