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Alan Dershowitz

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.06.10, 06:37 PM
And Yet Thomas Jefferson had 6 children from Sally Hemmings a Negro, Thomas`s first marriage was to his first cousin. Those in power were Masons and that the constitution has a definite Masonic slant and a preventative method against the Pope and Vatican. Most Writers down play the Masonic connection that survived the test of Time. Israel `s lack of using the bomb in past wars was Hiroshima. Nuking Tehran is also an option! Preemption is for Israel The only Option, Time has run Out. Thank you Allan and yet the 3rd world war, the Supreme leader, A life here after negates the present, paradise or soldiers for Christ, The road has been paved, with greed we bleed!.
cawb Avatar
Posted: 09.18.06, 06:48 PM
While the concept of preemptive war (attacking a nation that poses an imminent threat) has precendents under international law, I think the Bush Administration's notion of preventive war (attacking a nation that has the potential to pose a future threat) crosses the line into what is illegal and illegitimate.

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