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Bruce Sterling: Your Future as a Black Hole

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Khannea Suntzu Avatar
Khannea Suntzu
Posted: 04.08.10, 05:01 PM
While I find myself in agreement, Bruce is just being cynical for the sake of interesting. He is good at what he does, being profound and a great power point stand up comedian, but in the same talk he both dismisses the idea of revolutionary, paradigm shattering technological growth, as well as embrace and affirm it. He is an amazing human being in creating new expletives and derogatives and slogans and catchphrases, and stringing them into a pastiche (and he is certainly more charitable than the asshole Dale) but what exactly has he added that wasn't already clear before the talk? The only thing that just happened is that slapstick Bruce took home a check for telling the same story again, and a whole flock of 'hipsters' (oh how I hate that word) will be quoting his selection of catchphrases for 3d6 months. Bruce you forgot about the OCE in your lineup !
lump1 Avatar
Posted: 02.09.10, 11:41 PM
This is the best talk I've ever seen on the internet. It's too bad that the question period, which was also brilliant, was not included in the video. It's available in the audio file in the link above.
dav.yaginuma Avatar
Posted: 10.26.09, 03:08 PM
There is an (apparently) soundboard recording available as mp3 from the longnow site.
Stephen350 Avatar
Posted: 06.16.09, 01:07 PM
Sound recorded incorrectly with just an open camera microphone is completely inadequate. I'm a sound engineer and so it's particularly annoying to hear so much bad sound on the net, not just in this lecture but everywhere. It is a real pity for I, too, was hoping to be able to learn from the excellent speaker.
manos Kornel Avatar
manos Kornel
Posted: 04.15.09, 03:47 PM
Even though I was more than willing to enjoy this lecture, the quality of the recording made it impossible for me to follow in any consistent manner what was being said. A real pity...
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